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The Ultimate Soul Journey

The Ultimate Soul Journey


  • engels
  • 205 pagina’s
  • softcover

There is a saying, “As one ascends into the planes of nirvana and bliss, not only are there tests, initiations and challenges, but the dark rises as well, to rear its ugly head in opposition.” By putting out this book, I hope to offer some guidelines on how to transcend problems and limitations, and support those who are awakening and are having similar experiences. If you are now struggling with some issues, it is good that they have come up for scrutiny and healing. You may not realize this yet, but you too are a powerful, loving, manifesting God/Goddess, and you lack nothing. You are the spark waiting to burst into the full flame of creation. I wish you the very best on your own awakening process, your own Journey back to Source. – James Gilliland

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